Ammo 55gr FMJ

.223 55gr FMJ Ammo – Freedom Munitions – Aiming Off Shoulder

Ammo 55gr FMJSome range results for the .223 55gr FMJ ammo, from a happy customer in the NZ Navy. Thanks for your feedback!

“Quick review on your ammo:
1) Weather condition – sunny with slight cloud cover. Wind from left to right approx 45-50kph.

2) Stance: Sitting cross-legged, aiming off shoulder.

3) Distance: 100 metres.

4) Equipment: Mega Arms AR15 with 18″ SPR barrel with 1-4×32 Vortex Scope and suppressor.

Result: Brand new barrel with first ever 5 shots out of it. Needless to say the accuracy speaks for itself.”

.223 55gr Review Freedom Munitions

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