54Industries reviews the .223 69gr HPBT ammunition in New Zealand

“Second test of Freedom Munitions ammo, this time with bolt rifle.
Weather was favorable once again, with a mild wind blowing between 8-14km/h during the shoot.

Once again, the ammo delivered a consistent result.

Testing was done at a 100m range. And to add some fun, we decided to see if we could cut a thin cord at 100m with three shots. That is a 2mm target! Although we failed to execute a clean cut, but the round did graze the cord. Quite an achievement.

Was a lot of fun testing Freedom Munitions. The value of this brand has been proven on both AR and bolt rifle platform.

In the future, when the pistol caliber rifle arrives, we will do another test on Freedom Munitions pistol ammo.

We are convinced that this brand is worth stocking up for those who shoots a lot of matches like 3-gun or IPSC. I would take the 69gr for pest control confidently knowing how this brand of ammunition will perform.

One of the guys at the range commented “This is not about making a head shot, this ammo is eye-shot quality!” Hopefully he has made an order with AmmoDirect quickly. I believe they should be flying off the shelves.”

Clifford – 54industries