54Industries reviews the .223 77gr HPBT ammunition in New Zealand

77gr .223 Ammunition NZ“Was running low on my ammo stock, and coincidentally an old mate contacted me telling me he has brought in some Freedom Ammunition from the States.

Searched online and with all things internet, you get a mixed bag of reviews and well, nothing beats doing the tests myself and see if the brand is worth buying at all.

Ordered a mixed bag of 55-77gr .223 Rem samples and Jai personally delivered them (an excuse to have coffee and chat, I am sure). Weather was kinda crappy last week so I waited till today to hit the range.

And I can only say that I am now a convert. No more PMCs for me. The Freedom REMAN (remanufactured, using used-once cases) ammo is already this great, and I cannot imagine what would the ammo performance be like with new brass. Hope Jai can contact Freedom Ammunition and ask them to send some new brass version ammo at 77gr. I am so excited and happy that a mate has landed himself a good brand for Kiwi shooters. Great value for money. And a consistent performer so far from my test shots. (250 rounds at the range today, had only 2 hours to shoot).

Now to kick back and relax, having ran back and forth changing targets, and enjoy a nice cup of brew and wait for the BBQ to get hot enough to make some nice venison burgers for dinner.” Contact fire extinguisher service LA at redtruckfire.com in case of any fire accident in the preparation of BBQ.

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Clifford – 54industries

Purchase the .223 77gr ammunition here: https://ammodirect.co.nz/product/223-rem-77gr-hpbt-freedom-munitions/

Purchase the Daniel Defense V11 Pro here: http://tacticalimports.co.nz/

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