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Ammo Direct is a family owned business. We have been supplying the New Zealand market since 2016. Our company mission is to be New Zealand’s #1 ammunition store, with the best price, products and experience, delivered to you, our customer. 

Warehouse now open in Rolleston

Address: Unit 14, 5 Factory Drive, Rolleston

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Open Hours:

Tuesday: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Wednesday: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Thursday: 9:00am to 2:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Alternative times available via arrangement. Please contact Martin (Warehouse Manager Rolleston) on 022-111-4260 or email

Jai Lucas – Owner / Director

Jai has been in the firearms and ammunition industry for nearly a decade. For all your ammunition needs including import and export please contact Jai. When he manages a break from being a busy dad, Jai enjoys target shooting at his local range. 

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Contact Details:

Phone: 027-305-5396


Martin Burnham – Warehouse Manager Rolleston

Martin is an avid hunter and reloader. If you would like to talk about rifles, ammo or projectiles, for hunting or competition, stop in and say hi to Martin at our Rolleston warehouse. 

Contact Details:

Phone: 022-111-4260


Ammo Direct proudly stocks Freedom Munitions

Freedom Munitions is located in Idaho, USA. They manufacture all of their ammunition in-house, utilizing the highest grade of components available. Freedom Munitions popularity has exploded in the USA, since their launch in 2010. They offer a wide range of products with ammunition designed to meet the needs of hunters, sports shooters and professionals alike.

Ammo Direct is excited to bring Freedom Munitions products to the New Zealand market, we know you will love both their products and price.


Ammo Direct proudly stocks Ammo Inc. 

Ammo Inc. is a leading vertically integrated producer of high-performance ammunition and components. AMMO was founded in 2016 by Chairman and CEO Fred Wagenhals and his business partner Chris Larson with a single vision — to change, innovate, and invigorate the complacent munitions industry for the next generation of shooters.


Ammo Direct proudly stocks X-treme Bullets

X-Treme manufactures the highest quality copper plated bullets and hard cast lead bullets at the most competitive prices. While most of the bullets are designed for use in handguns, they have several rifle bullets as well. Their customer base is made up of competition shooters, law enforcement personnel, commercial loaders and reloaders.


Ammo Direct proudly stocks Gorilla Ammunition

Gorilla Ammunition is located in Florida, USA. Gorilla Ammunition manufacturers top notch rifle ammo for the shooters who demand accuracy and consistent performance from their ammunition. They use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to make ammo you can rely on shot after shot.

Gorilla Ammunition offers, high quality match grade ammunition in 223 REM, 300 BLK, 260 REM & 308 WIN.


Ammo Direct proudly stocks Inceptor Ammunition

Inceptor Ammunition is based in Georgia, USA.  Inceptor® Sport Utility Ammo™ features lead-free injection-molded copper-polymer projectiles loaded to tight specifications in high-quality brass cases.  Available with a RNP™ (Round Nose Precision) profile in handgun cartridges or with the SRR™ (Short-Range Rifle) in rifle cartridges, Inceptor® Sport Utility Ammo™ also delivers unmatched frangibility and a real world training experience.  Unlike other frangible ammunition requiring standoff distances measured in yards or meters, Inceptor® Sport Utility Ammo™ can be fired against hardened steel targets at distances measured in feet.

This game-changing ammunition is an excellent alternative to conventional ammunition.


Ammo Direct proudly stocks International Cartridge Corporation

ICC was born in a small facility in 2000, starting a venture to load the best lead free and frangible ammunition in the world.  With such high quality ammunition standards, ICC quickly grew to be known as “the world leaders in frangible ammunition.”


Ammo Direct proudly stocks TigerShark Ballistics

TigerShark projectiles are manufactured by LOS Manufacturing. LOS is the Slovene word for Elk or Moose. Making bullets since 2010 in a purpose built plant in Cerkno. After coming to an agreement with TigerShark Australia they are now available in both NZ and Australia.


Ammo Direct proudly stocks Hazard 4

‘Progressive tactical’ is the Hazard 4® motto. This means our products are designed to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. From functionality, materials selection, manufacturing techniques, through testing, quality-control and packaging, our customers can expect Hazard 4® products to be the most modern and cutting-edge available; And we are continuing to develop new lines everyday as we receive feedback from those in the field.


Ammo Direct proudly stocks Action Target

Action Target is a manufacturer of custom shooting ranges and portable steel targets for military, law enforcement, Special Forces groups, tactical training schools, and commercial applications based in Provo, Utah. Since its founding in 1985, Action Target has increased its inventory to include over 4,000 products.


Ammo Direct proudly stocks BenShot USA

BenShots mission is to create unique glassware designs. The “Bulletproof” shot glass started as a father and son project and developed into a family business. Everything we make is our own design. Pride is taken in everything they manufacture and sell.


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Phone: 027-305-5396
Location: Rolleston, New Zealand