Janna Reeves shooting Freedom Munitions 9mm – Review

Published on Nov 13, 2014

Janna Reeves does a quick function fire test of 8 different 9mm handguns with Freedom Munitions 9mm 124gr HP new ammo. The purpose was to test the function of 8 semi auto pistols with this ammo and see if they would all run. The guns run the gauntlet from micro compact to full size, and completely stock to a completely “raced” competition gun. 10 rounds were fired through each of the larger pistols and the smaller 2 were loaded to capacity.

No failures to feed, fire, or eject on any of the guns. An additional couple videos will be done testing a large quantity of rounds in a single gun, as well as some accuracy.

Kahr PM9
S&W M&P Shield
Glock 17
Stoeger Cougar
Beretta 92
Browning Hi Power
Tanfoglio Limited
Glock 17 suppressed

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