7.62 Nagant Prvi Partizan 98gr. FMJ FP (Prvi Partizan)


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The 7.62 Nagant (aka 7.62x38mmR) cartridge is nearly exclusively used in the Nagant M1895 revolver — we’re not certain how many people are actually buying it to chamber in the experimental Tokarev Model 1927, which was never adopted for use by the Russian military. The M1895 is arguably one of the most interesting revolvers ever designed, if only because it rather unusually can be outfitted with a suppressor. Whether you’ve only just bought a classic M1895 or have kept yours from your service in the Russian Imperial Army (in the latter case, congratulations on still being able to connect to the internet despite being dead), you’ll find that this round by Prvi Partizan will treat your old wheel gun like gold.

This round has a 98 grain projectile, with a full metal jacket to prevent rapid fouling and a flat point that makes it optimal for firing upon paper targets. Prvi Partizan’s production facility is one of the finest at any ammunition manufacturer’s disposal, and the quality shows. They specialize in crafting outdated calibers just like the 7.62 Nagant, and this round’s casing’s arrow-straight casing walls, absolutely trustworthy Boxer primer, and clean burning propellant are all worthy of so interesting an antique weapon.



  • Activity: General Purpose
  • Caliber: 7.62 Nagant
  • Bullet Profile: Full Metal Jacket Flat Point
  • Casing Type: New Brass
  • Manufacturer: Prvi Partizan
  • Velocity: 738 FPS

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