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9mm 100Gr RN – Frangible (Freedom Munitions) – New


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Freedom Munitions has partnered with ENVIRON-METAL, INC. MAKERS OF HEVI-SHOT® and HEVI-DUTY®, to bring you the first competitively priced frangible target rounds. Shooters benefit from reduced ricochet hazard when shooting steel targets, and reduced exposure to airborne lead particles. With the proprietary manufacturing process, ENVIRON-METAL is able to produce a projectile that is extremely accurate, non-toxic and non-sparking on steel targets for tactical training and more.

  • A True Frangible Projectile
  • Non-corroding load
  • Non-fouling load
  • Non-sparking when shot on Steel Targets
  • Most affordable frangible offering in the market today
  • More accurate than other frangible offerings in market today
  • Hevi-Duty bullets are made in the USA



Manufacturer: Freedom Munitions

caliber: 9mm

Bullet Weight: 100gr

Casing Type: New Brass

Velocity: 1200fps

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