9mm 65 RNP Projectiles Frangible Lead-Free (Inceptor Sport Utility Bullets)


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Diameter: 0.355

Inceptor manufactures the highest quality bullets available to the ammo reloader. Inceptor Ammunition has redefined the bullet manufacturing process by applying advanced injection molding technology, cutting edge engineering and a highly specialized metal-polymer compound to designs and a process that results in precise, consistent, accurate, low ricochet, range compliant bullet with sound terminal performance.

The Sport Utility line features Inceptor’s patent-pending polymer-copper RNP bullet technology. The RNP bullet version of the polymer-copper bullet is the Round Nose PRECISION, a solid-core injection-molded copper-polymer bullet that rivals any competition-level target shooting cartridge. The Inceptor RNP projectile is the ideal choice for both the professional shooter looking for extreme accuracy, due to near-perfect concentricity and almost undetectable weight variation between bullets, and the amateur reloader/shooter looking for a low-recoil, precision target round to hone their craft. This is not loaded ammunition.

Note: Load data for these unique bullets can be found on the Inceptor website at www.inceptorammo.com/load-data.


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