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Frontline Assault Rifle Loadout Chest-Rig – Coyote – (Hazard 4)


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A Deluxe chest rig from Hazard 4, the Frontline Assault™ provides comfort as well as functionality with it padded straps and interior. Complete with sewn-on pouches with large buckles, D-rings for attachments and adjustable flaps for those large travel items. Includes flat pockets and Velcro-patches.

The Frontline Assault™ is a simple and easy fit with its exclusive strap system, making it suitable for those get-up-and-go situations and allows the wearer to further alter their gear with optional attachments via webbing. Capable of holding 8 AR/AK magazines, as well as pistols, at the front. Side pockets can hold med-kits, radios, MRE’s and more.


– Comfortable and functional
– Padded straps an interior
– D-Rings for attachments and adjustable flaps
– Flat pockets and Velcro pouches
– Comes with sewn on pouches and large buckles
– Includes webbing