.223 55gr FMJ Ammo – Freedom Munitions – Aiming Off Shoulder

Some range results for the .223 55gr FMJ ammo, from a happy customer in the NZ Navy. Thanks for your feedback! “Quick review on your ammo: 1) Weather condition – sunny with slight cloud cover. Wind from left to right approx 45-50kph. 2) Stance: Sitting cross-legged, aiming off shoulder. 3) Distance: 100 metres. 4) Equipment: … Read more

54Industries reviews the .223 69gr HPBT ammunition in New Zealand

“Second test of Freedom Munitions ammo, this time with bolt rifle. Weather was favorable once again, with a mild wind blowing between 8-14km/h during the shoot. Once again, the ammo delivered a consistent result. Testing was done at a 100m range. And to add some fun, we decided to see if we could cut a … Read more

54Industries reviews the .223 77gr HPBT ammunition in New Zealand

“Was running low on my ammo stock, and coincidentally an old mate contacted me telling me he has brought in some Freedom Ammunition from the States. Searched online and with all things internet, you get a mixed bag of reviews and well, nothing beats doing the tests myself and see if the brand is worth … Read more

Janna Reeves shooting Freedom Munitions 9mm – Review

Published on Nov 13, 2014 Janna Reeves does a quick function fire test of 8 different 9mm handguns with Freedom Munitions 9mm 124gr HP new ammo. The purpose was to test the function of 8 semi auto pistols with this ammo and see if they would all run. The guns run the gauntlet from micro … Read more