223 Remington 35 Grain SRR Frangible Lead-Free (Inceptor Ammunition)


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Diameter: 0.224

Inceptor manufactures the highest quality bullets available to the ammo reloader. Inceptor Ammunition has redefined the bullet manufacturing process by applying advanced injection molding technology, cutting edge engineering and a highly specialized metal-polymer compound to designs and a process that results in precise, consistent, accurate, low ricochet, range compliant bullet with sound terminal performance.

The Sport Utility line features Inceptor polymer-copper SRR bullet technology. The 22 caliber SRR bullet version of the polymer-copper bullet is the Short Range Rifle, a solid-core injection-molded copper-polymer bullet that rivals any competition-level target shooting bullet. Inceptor Sport Utility features range compliant bullets with unmatched frangibility, for a safer and more realistic shooting experience on hardened steel. The SteelSafe range-friendly, lead-free copper-polymer-blended construction makes it perfect for use on hardened steel.  It features safe range distances measured in feet, not yards, for the safest and most realistic close quarter training experience. This is not loaded ammunition.

Note: Load data for these unique bullets can be found on the Inceptor website atwww.inceptorammo.com/load-data.


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